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How to do CCTV port forwarding setting for Singnet

If you are unable to see your CCTV system from the internet, you may wish to check on your internet router setting. The following video guide is done for Singnet Customer that are using HIKVISION DVR. Sometimes the required CCTV Port forwarding settings may be accidentally been removed by other user. A router factory reset […]

Temporary Repair and Fix for Infected AVTECH CCTV Equipment

Here are some observation for Faulty AVTECH CCTV DVR infected by the ELF IMEIJ  malware and their usability. There are also some tips and advises for temporary repair or fix the issues caused by the ELF IMEIJ malware so that you can regain temporary control and retrieve your CCTV recording from the infected DVR. 1. […]

AVTECH DVR Vulnerability (Severity: High)

Updates 20 March 2017 , 3:40pm AVTECH had just release firmware patches for their newer IP Cameras, NVR and TVI-DVR models. The flaw exist with almost all AVTECH equipment manufactured for the last 7 years. You have to patch your CCTV system or take if offline to avoid your system being infected with the malware. […]

Support Ticketing System

Over the years, we had implement certain technology advancement to increase our productivity and efficient in meeting the needs of our customers. We had implemented and revised our support ticketing system over the last few years. We encourage customers to utilise our support ticketing system when they encounter any problem with the system that they have. […]

Case Study #888448

Customer : Bibimbap Outlet Reference No : #888448 Sympton : CCTV DVR Offline for > 3 Days. Customer didn’t opt for active monitoring, so monitoring is only done passively. Problem : Internet Router reset to factory default by Singtel. Resolution : Reconfigure Internet Router Others : When the CCTV system comes back online, the CMS also detected that the […]

Case Study #231011

Customer : Subway Outlet Reference No : #231011 Sympton : CCTV DVR Offline for > 3 Days Problem : Internet Router reset to factory default Resolution : Reconfigure Internet Router Benefits : Customer does not check on the CCTV system on a daily basis. The CMS pick up the problem before customer realise there is problem […]