If you have problem accessing your CCTV system from the internet, please do the following 

Please physically check that
  1. All Power Switches are turned on. The front panel of the DVR should be lighted up. The power light should be steady on and not be flickering on and off.
  2. All cables, including network cable, are securely connected. The corresponding light on the internet router that the network cable from the DVR is plugged in to should have an inidication light.
  3. The internet router had not been replaced/reset to factory default/reconfigured. There are settings in the internet router that’s necessary for you to access to your CCTV system from the internet.
Once you confirmed on the above checklist, do the following.
  1. Switch off your DVR. The front panel light should go off.
  2. Wait for about 15 secs.
  3. Turn it back on.
  4. Wait for about 10 mins.
  5. Try to access the system again.
If you are still unable to access the system after doing the basic troubleshooting, please create a support ticket here.
Please include the following
  • Visit from the site’s internet connection and send us the IP address displayed.
  • Take a photo of the front/back panel of your DVR and Internet router and send it to us
We’ll need these information to do the troubleshooting.

Our Support Email will originate from the below email addresses. Do remove them from your spam/junk filter.



For Customers with overdue outstanding invoices, all supports will be suspended until full payments are made.

If you are using AVTECH system, do note that we had cease all support to AVTECH system as there is no easy way to determine if a problem occurs due to malware infection or faulty hardware or misconfiguration. We had last used AVTECH DVR/NVR/IP Cameras in 2015 and we have currently no AVTECH system under warranty/maintenance/subscriptions.

If you are using AVTECH equipment and is encountering issues due to the malware , here’s your options.

Here’s other updates to the AVTECH ELF_IMEIJ Malware infection.