About Us

Established in 2004, Lakson has been providing CCTV Surveillance and Security Solutions to thousands of companies and homes in Singapore and beyond.


We understand the problem of challenges of  small businesses in the current challenging environment.

Apart from simple CCTV and Access Control implementation project, we are extend our expertise into complex integration projects that involved customising and integration of various software and hardware components to deliver a turn key solution to our customers.

These involved solar powered, long range wireless monitoring systems that are deployed for years to monitor various sensors and images capture, long term time minimum maintenance time lapse photography for construction projects, roadside CCTV surveillance and monitoring services for ongoing roadworks, on board boats and vessels and many other customised solution that goes beyond the simple implementation of CCTV systems.

We are also involved directly or through partnerships in various PUB, LTA and AStar related projects and requirements for construction companies. Through these projects, we had provided turn key monitoring solutions since 2007 to provide solutions to meet their statuary requirements. These often involve data capturing, data analytic and image analytic that goes beyond simple implementation of CCTV equipment.

Look through our solutions and case studies to see some examples of what interesting projects we had done before.

Capatalising on our strength in integration, monitoring and analytic, we had also developed a CMS that focus on monitoring the CCTV Equipment Health Status that customers installed. This is a open cloud platform that is not limited to any particular manufacturer. It’ll conduct automated regular daily checks on compatible CCTV Equipment to ensure that they are working properly. This is to avoid situation where equipment malfunction/staff lapse in operating the equipment are only realised when important footage of incidents are unavailable.

We are currently offering customers free trial of the systems. Do contact us to see how you can get on board the free trial. It doesn’t matter who supplied and installed your equipment, we currently support 3 of the worldwide major brand that accounts for more than 30% of the worldwide market shares. Most likely your system is compatible. Even though it’s not, we have subsidised packages to get you onboard as well.

Of course, we are also registered with the Singapore Police Force as a licensed Security Service Provider and Bizsafe Certified.