Why do you charge GST ? Can you waived that off ?

GST is compulsory on all sales of goods and services in Singapore for All Businesses in Singapore that does more than $1 million of business yearly. For smaller businesses that doesn’t have much turnover, GST is not compulsory. That’s the reason why there are small businesses that doesn’t charge GST. The GST are paid to IRAS, and not to us. We would be unable to waive that off as it is a statuary requirement. However, if you are also a GST registered company, you would be able to claim the 7% GST paid to IRAS as your input tax. This means that purchasing from a GST registered business compared to a non-GST registered business is equivalent to an additional 7% discount if the amount paid is the same !

For FREE ProActive Monitoring subscription, what happens after the 1st year?

ProActive Monitoring no longer required for the promotional package.
First 2 System will be FREE. There’ll not be any subscription charges. If you have more than 2 systems registered and find the system useful after the 1st year, you can continue to subscribe @ an low monthly fee of $4.50/System for the 3rd System onwards. It’ll enable you to keep track of equipment status in multiple locations through a summary dashboard view. At 15 cents a day, getting someone to manually login to conduct a check on the system will cost multiple time of that in terms of manpower cost. Otherwise, you can also cancel the subscription without affecting your CCTV operation.

Will the CCTV System works if I cancel the ProActive Monitoring subscription ?

ProActive Monitoring no longer required for the promotional package.
This is an addon services. The DVR does not require this in order to work. Cancelling it after the FREE 1st year subscription will not affect your CCTV system.

Can I order packages/equipment here from your normal sales channel?

No. Equipment/Packages prices here are NOT available from our normal sales channel. The online order enable us to streamline our order process in order to pass on savings to the customers. Once a quotation is requested from our normal sales channel, the customer will not be eligible for online purchase shipped or to be installed at the address indicated in the quotation through normal sales channel.

Can you waived the delivery charges and I pickup the item from your office ?

No. Prices here are only available through delivery. However, you may combine multiple packages/bundle/equipment to minimise the delivery charges. It applies for multiple site installation/replacement/cabling as well. If you got more than 1 site, you can place the order together and be charged only a single transportation charge even though the address for installation/replacement/cabling are different. However if it’s only equipment delivery, we’ll only deliver to a single address.

Can I add on Technical Support or Onsite Warranty later after purchasing the package ?

No. Technical Support and Onsite Warranty can only be purchased together with the packages. Please select the packages with Technical Support or Onsite Warranty if you required them.

Can I pay upon delivery of the equipment or completion of the installation work ?

No. We’ll only confirm your order upon receiving full payments for the equipment/packages ordered. Equipment ordered are combined with our regular shipment from the suppliers in order for us to pass on the substantial savings to you. This is to avoid fraudulent orders as well.

Can I change or cancel my order ?

Orders will only be process when payment is received. If you had made payment already, please create a support ticket at http://www.laksontech.com/newticket to cancel/change your order within 24 hours of the order with your Order Number. Handling fees of $1 will applies for refund. No cancellation is allow for orders thereafter. No cancellation is allow for order that been process and in the mids of delivery/shipping.

Will the equipment be covered under warranty if I don’t select the onsite warranty bundles/packages ?

Yes. The equipment will still be covered under the standard warranty. You’ll just have to arrange to have the faulty equipment send back to us for repair/replacement. Refer to each individual product for the warranty period.

Is it complicated to add my system to the ProActive Monitoring to be eligible for the subsidised sales price ?

ProActive Monitoring no longer required for the promotional package.
No. The process is very easy. Once you set up your system for Internet Viewing, just send us the Login Details (URL/Hostname, Username, Password). That’s all. You can even create a separate secure user account just for this purposes. Here’s how to do it. http://www.laksontech.com/cms/creating-secure-checking-login-for-hikvision-system-web/